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「Shared Lines」Canterbury Museum/Christchurch

「Shared Lines」


《みなもに雪 - Snow on water surface》

左:h1570×w350×d20 mm

中:h1570×w350×d20 mm

右:h1570×w200×d20 mm

MDF 塗料


















Shared Lines展 アーティストトークに寄せて

‘Snow on water surface’

14th March, 2013

The work I am showing in this exhibition I started making before the earthquake so it was left untouched for a while, but last month I resumed work on it again. I wanted the form of this carving to be like a loose drawing, so created this piece simply. Just as the title implies, this work is about snow falling on the water surface. This winter also saw an unusual amount of snowfall in Ishinomaki.

I’m reasonably indifferent to the vision of snow falling endlessly yet majestically from the sky, but in the moment it hits the ground and a blanket of silence sweeps the air, I am always taken aback.

It’s then that I remember my father’s experience during the earthquake.

When the March 11 earthquake hit I was living far away, but the tsunami came to my hometown. The tsunami engulfed the car my father, brother and grandmother were in. While my brother and father somehow managed to survive, unfortunately my grandmother did not.

When my father was swept away he managed to grab hold of a building and spent the night there. He said he felt frozen to the core. It was snowing. He said that at the time he felt really grateful for the warm baths he usually took every night.

No matter what the condition is on the ground, when snow falls, it falls.

However, like my father stuck in the snow remembering warm places, I realised that the thoughts that one has in the midst of a snowfall can be varied. Just like the constant silent snowfall on a water surface that falls before dissipating, the memories of a person flow and disappear. With this correlation in mind, I created this piece.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share my work through the Shared Lines project, and would like to give my thanks and appreciation to everyone involved in coordinating this project.

Fumie Chiba

(Translation: Ngaroma Riley)


「Shared Lines」

会期:2013年3月8日(金)〜 4月下旬

施設:Canterbury Museum 

場所:Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8013, Christchurch

クライストチャーチ×センダイ協働企画展「Shared Lines」について→

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